About Me

As a frontend developer with 9 years of experience in full-stack web development, Valerie has proven herself a valuable member of any team. She has extensive experience collaborating with other developers both internally and remotely. Valerie takes initiative to learn new technologies and trains her coworkers in order to improve the performance and maintainability of the final product. She strives for the success of the whole team, identifying potential issues and helping other developers get the resources they need.

At PointSource, Valerie has been instrumental in developing several mobile apps for enterprise customers. She is known for her high level of code quality and meticulous attention to detail when building user interfaces. She also goes beyond writing code while working on a project – conducting code reviews, planning work, and refining requirements. Previous to working at PointSource, Valerie was at MetaMetrics for 2 years, where she assumed the role of lead frontend developer on a team of four.

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