Christmas Pudding

After boiling the pudding for 8 hours.
After boiling the pudding for 8 hours.

This year I made a British Christmas Pudding for the first time. I got the recipe from a British coworker. She told me her recipe has been in her family for 60 years. 

Christmas pudding involves lots of dried fruits (raisins, sultanas, apricots, currants, candied orange peel) and nuts mixed with beer, breadcrumbs, eggs, and suet (the pure white fat around a cow’s kidneys). You have to prep the pudding a month ahead of time so it can mature before you serve it on Christmas day. My family was a bit apprehensive about eating something that’d been in the pantry for a month.

The best thing about Christmas pudding is serving it. You boil it again on Christmas day, then pour flaming brandy over it. The brandy creates blue flames which flicker all over the round surface of the pudding. Our family loved this so much, we flambéed it twice!

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