Farmer’s Market Stir-Fry

Farmer's Market Stir-Fry raw
The colors of the raw veggies were so enticing

This weekend I bought savoy cabbage, red cabbage, a giant carrot (looked more like a sweet potato), broccoli, crisp green onions, and purple mizuna for this stir-fry. With such a short time from the farm to the stove to my mouth, this vibrant meal was satisfying and fresh – perfect for a spring afternoon.

Farmer's Market Stir-Fry
This stir-fry was crisp and fresh – and surprisingly filling.

For the sauce I mixed up chicken broth, tamarind paste, red Thai chili paste, fish sauce, unrefined Kenyan sugar, and a few splashes of soy sauce. I simmered some chicken drumsticks in the sauce first so they could pick up the flavor, then sautéed the vegetables in the sauce.

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