Moroccan Pork Kebabs

Moroccan Pork KebabsThis recipe comes from Kayotic Kitchen, a new favorite food blog. Kay is a Dutch lady for starters, which gives her huge points, and her food is often savory with lots of fresh spices. This recipe was amazing and really quite easy – pork tenderloin, peaches, and red onion, with a mint yogurt sauce. I’ve added it to my recipe box for sure.


Pink Peppermint Pie

Pink Peppermint PieI had an amazing Valentine’s Day this year. I hosted several of my friends for a party. I made them lasagna, we learned how to make homemade chocolates, and we wrote silly poetry together. It was perfect and low-stress and lots of fun. I also made my traditional Pink Peppermint Pie, which has had varied success over the past few years. This year I decided to be a bit more abstract and less OCD with decorating the pie than previous times.  Read more

Molasses Spice Apple Pie

Molasses Spice Apple PieI created this tonight for my coworkers’ birthday party. One of my coworkers doesn’t eat sugar, so instead I sweetened the pie with honey and a bit of molasses. I also added all the classic pumpkin pie / gingerbread spices. I’m looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!

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