This is a showcase of some applications and websites I have developed. These are listed with the most recent projects first. Some of my earlier projects have evolved since I last worked on them.


EdSphereEdSphere helps students to improve their literacy skills through a variety of reading and writing “apps”. We use Dojo as our main JavaScript framework, and we use jQuery plugins for things like animated scrolling. The backend is built with Java and MySQL.

  • Languages: JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery, Java
  • Link:

Module Creator

Module CreatorThis is a web application for teachers to build teaching modules. We use Dojo as our main JavaScript framework, and we use jQuery plugins for things like click-to-edit and fancy file uploads.


VilletteThis fashion website was a nice chance to play with scrolling images and zooming on hover.

History Beneath Our Feet

HistoryBeneathOurFeetThis was a fascinating project to work on. The website shows streets in Durham on Google maps and links the streets to the people and landmarks that are historically associated with them. I also did design work for this site using images of historic maps.

Disease Epidemic Model

Epidemic ModelI developed this model for Shodor at around the time when the avian flu was in the news, and there was much talk about how to contain and treat epidemics.

HPC University

This site provides educational resources for students and teachers working with high performance computing. Some of the highlights I worked on here include the Challenge of the Week interface, the event calendar, and the metadata browser.

National Computational Science Institute (NCSI)

I renovated the original NCSI website (which was mostly straight html) to make it dynamic. This site allows administrators to create workshops, which users can register for. The site also features information about workshops as far back as 2001.

NCSI Workshop Google Map

This interactive map uses the Google Maps API to show a visual archive of the workshops NCSI has run throughout the United States (and beyond). We collected a mug from every university we visit in order to put the school “on the map.”

NCSI Survey Tool

This tool allows the workshop administrators to build customized surveys which will be rendered using XForms. The users’ answers are stored in the database, and they can be reviewed online or downloaded as an Excel file.

  • Languages: PHP, MySQL, XML (XForms)
  • Link: Not available – this tool is for administrator use only

Shape Builder

This applet is for students who are learning about area and perimeter. Probably my favorite part of this project was writing a recursive algorithm that walks around a shape to calculate its perimeter.

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